Monday, May 4, 2009


I love my Nike+ monitor, but the other day I was wondering how accurate it really was. I didn't feel like going to the gym to run on the (itty-bitty) track. Seriously, 12-13 laps per mile can make you dizzy. I feel like a hamster running in a ball when I run there.

Anyway, I found this site Map My Run. It allows you to, er, map your run by clicking on the map to indicate your route. Then it will calculate the distance for you. It seems pretty powerful and does say something about integration with the Nike+ monitor, but I haven't gotten that far yet. So far I used it to make sure my monitor was calibrated properly. It said I was running about 2.5 miles during my regular workout and Map My Run confirmed that distance.

Now I've been using it to devise a new route that adds a little length. Last time I tried to diverge while I was out running, I almost got lost and ended up climbing a rather large hill to get home. Thankfully, Map My Run has a topo feature as well so as long as I plan the route before I go, I shouldn't face that challenge again, unless I want to (doubtful!)

Race Wrap-up

I did it! The 5K was fantastic. I finished in about 37 minutes - a 10:50 ish pace. Not bad for the first time around.

I really had a great time - the actual run was tough, but I really enjoyed the whole event. It was fun to run with other people and Ernest was a terrific wing man. :) I was honored to meet Olivia's mother and father - I'm glad we were able to raise some money in her memory.

It was so cool to have my whole family there (except my brother!). At the end of the race, I was really dragging and it ended on a small incline. My dad was there and helped me run the last leg. Thanks, Dad!

The run was actually 5.5 K - much to my surprise. I always figured races were really accurate, but I guess not. I even thought that maybe my Nike+ monitor was not calibrated properly. This past week I tested it out and it is definitely accurate so I actually ran 3.44 miles - .34 miles more than I expected to run.

So, what next? I had promised myself a week off after the race, but I didn't really take it. I definitely took it easier this past week, but I couldn't just do nothing. I don't want to fall out of the routine I set.

I decided that I want to run another race, so I looked around a bunch and found this one:
Lacamas Lake Half Marathon. They have a 4 mile race, which is just slightly more than I ran last weekend.

I'm trying to figure out how to get my pace higher (run faster). This week, I started doing some strength training workouts in addition to the 2.5-3 mile runs. I'd like to do two strength training workouts + 2-3 runs per week. The days I do strength, I'm going to warm up with a 1 mile run that I run at a faster pace then usual. Hopefully that will help me get a feel for a faster run. We'll see!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Race Week

It's finally here - the race is on Sunday and I'm happy to say that more people are going to be running with me - kudos to Beth, Andre and Ernest for stepping up to the plate. It's going to be a great day.

Apparently my love affair with my Nike+Ipod kit has taken over my life - I haven't updated this blog in a while. Running has been going quite well. I'm now up to 2.5 miles without walking. I think I'm going to do two more 2.5 mile runs before the race on Sunday. I'm a bit nervous about not doing a full 5k before the big day, but I'm hoping the other runners and my adrenaline will push me to the finish line.

I'm super excited about the race. I feel pretty prepared and confident that I'll complete it. I'm even thinking that I'll do it in a reasonable amount of time.

When I first started this training, I was unconvinced that I would actually complete the training and finish the race. The goal seemed *so* unattainable. But look how far I've come: the other night, I set out to run 2.75 miles, but I almost got lost and honestly, just wasn't feeling it. I ended up running almost 2 miles and when I got home, I was bummed that I didn't complete my goal. As I was talking to Ernest, I realized that I was upset I only ran (almost) 2 miles. 2 MILES! Just a few weeks ago, 2 miles was a MAJOR accomplishment. How quickly things change!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

Friday after dinner, we took the kids over to Lacamas Lake so they could play while I attempted a 2 mile run. 25 ish minutes later I was done! It felt so great to complete that run - 2 whole miles, no walking. I've found that I run at a faster pace when I run outside as opposed to running on a treadmill. I think the fact that on a treadmill I can watch each .01 mile go by is part of the problem. That and the entertainment choices at the gym.

Saturday, we swung by the Nike store and bought the Nike + Ipod kit. It's great! I had a hard time getting it all configured at first. The Ipod wouldn't recognize the receiver until I restarted it twice. After that, it was pretty much smooth sailing. It was my off day, so I didn't run until Sunday. The interface is pretty sweet - every 1/2 mile a voice tells you your distance, pace and time. It also will play a "power song" on demand when you feel your motivation waning. I'm happy to say that I went over 2.25 miles and I didn't even need my power song. Yay!

BTW, I'm slightly embarrassed to say that my power song is Pon de Replay by Rihanna.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Shoes!

Since I'm worried the pain in my bum is related to bad shoes, I bought some new ones on zappos today. Check them out:

I ordered them around noon and they'll be here tomorrow - gotta love zappos.

I really want to buy the Nike + Ipod kit. Anyone out there used it before? It seems really great - I love the idea of the power song feature.

Doc appointment tomorrow afternoon...the pain has subsided significantly. Hopefully I can be back in the gym with my new shoes tomorrow!

Pain in the butt

Well, not the butt really. Yesterday I started week 5's workouts and was feeling really good - no hip pain or anything. I ran about 3/4 mile (at 5.0 - woop!) when suddenly I felt this sharp pain in my hip, about where it had hurt before. I stopped running immediately and tried to walk it off, but it persisted. I was bummed that I didn't get to finish the workout.

Today it is pretty sore, especially if I twist on that leg. I made an appt with our family doc (even tho she's not in my insurance network - sigh!) for tomorrow. Sigh.

I wonder if I just need to get more supportive shoes or something. Let's hope it's that simple!

BTW, over the past weekend, I ran 1.5 miles (walked a little in there) on a trail around Lacamas Lake. Yay!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One more run this week...

For some reason, I haven't been super into running this week. I think it's because I wasn't able to run on Monday - didn't get the week started right. I've managed to get in two workouts and with one tomorrow I'll be back on track, but I feel like I'm playing catch-up.

Today's run was better than the one on Tuesday, although mentally I wasn't as motivated as I have been in the past. Maybe I need new music. I predict a few ITunes purchases tonight. Do you think Laurie Berkner has dance remixes? "We are the dinosaurs" always gets me movin'.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the doctor says...

I'm clear to run! That aforementioned hip pain was really killing me after Friday's successful run. I decided to get it checked out to make sure I wasn't doing any real damage. Doctor said it's probably just a muscle strain and told me to do some stretches everyday. Yay!

This week's workout is upping the intensity with up to 1/2 a mile of running at a time. Shouldn't be too bad after Friday.

Friday, March 27, 2009

12 min!

I JUST RAN A 12 MINUTE MILE! Me. I ran ONE MILE in only 12 minutes! Did you hear me?

You did what, ma?



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm *that* committed

I went to run yesterday instead of staying home to watch President Obama's press conference. That's dedication.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 3 begins!

Well, I barely made it through week 2 - it was really hard to find time to get to the gym last week. Ernest and I tried to go on Saturday, but Rey lasted a whole 10 minutes in the child care before they paged us. So much for that. I'd probably get a much better workout if I just strapped him on and ran around for a while. :)

I did today's workout on the itty-bitty track at the gym. 12 laps = 1 mile. It's a nice change of scenery - and no risk of having to watch Papa Bear O'Reilly on three different TVs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Short Workout

Today I had just enough time to do a 20 minute version of the 25 minute week 2 workout. I tried to make up for the shorter time by running for longer - I think I ran for about 8 - 9 minutes, instead of the 90 second interval they suggest. I know that when I run the actual 5k, I'll definitely be going longer than 8 or 9 minutes, but for week 2, I think it's not too bad. I could've gone longer, but I had to go pick up Alex from preschool.

The shorts I bought suck - they ride up when I run. Maybe it's me and not the shorts. Wouldn't be the first time!

I don't think I'll get to the gym tomorrow. I'll be manning the OREF booth at the RMLS Trade Fair all day and probably will be home later than normal.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Yay - I woke up this morning and I didn't feel like crud anymore. I got my first week 2 workout out of the way without any problem. I still wish I was able to go yesterday - I feel like I'm in the hole and have a workout to make up.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 1 rewards

I successfully made it through week 1 of 5k training - yay! This weekend, I bought some workout gear as a little reward. Now I have at least 3 things to wear to the gym - and none of them are Mr. Bubble pants, as sexy as they are. I picked up a pair of pants, a pair of shorts and a shirt. A good start.

I came down with some weird sickness yesterday and I'm still not feeling great today. I'm hoping that I feel a little better as the day goes on so I can make it to the gym for the beginning of my week 2 workouts.

It's always something like this that derails people - I really don't want that to happen this time. I feel like if I don't go today, then the whole thing is in question. I wish I had gone yesterday or Saturday so I could take today off.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's official!

I just signed up for the 5k run on 4/26.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 4 - Rest (sort of)

Today I spent roughly 4 hours waiting in line to register Alex for preschool, so getting to the gym was not in the cards. Let me say though - 4 hours - damn! And this is for the co-op preschool! Check out the line that was behind me:

Anyway, I finally got home after successfully securing a spot for Alex and got the kids to bed. Then a strange thing happened...I actually wanted to go work out. As I sit here right now, I seriously can't believe that I am writing this, but it's true. I'm totally wishing that I found the time to go. Crazy...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 3 - Off-schedule

The program calls for 3 workouts a week. I've already done the first two, so today I thought I'd try something a little different. Tomorrow I won't be able to get to the gym - I'll be standing in line to register Alex for preschool instead. I think, for once, I'll rather be in the gym. :)

So, tonight, I did 10 mins on the bike and then I ran 1/2 mile on the track. I ran a half mile. Without stopping. I don't think I've ever done that. I could have gone more, but I didn't want to over do it.

Tomorrow is a rest day - yay! My thighs are killing me. Wish me luck as I try to get Alex into the preschool class we want. At least I'm a little more in shape to fight off the other moms!

Just to give you some context, I'm writing this while my 10 month old walks around the room, farting. How's that for ambiance? Can you hold it against this guy tho? Really?


First thing I did after deciding to take on this challenge was put together a playlist for my iPod. I used to listen to NPR while I worked out - I thought the interesting stories would be a good distraction. That didn't really work...all I could think about was how I wanted to run out of the gym as fast as possible and then finish listening to This American Life. I love ya Ira Glass, but you just don't get me movin'.

So far, this list has worked really well:

I think I'm going to need to add some more for variety. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 2

I made it to the gym today, after my dentist appointment. I really like the coolrunning program. Right about the time I started to look to see how long I was running, it was time to switch it up.

I really need to get some decent workout clothes and some new shoes. I told myself when I make it through the first week of training I can treat myself to some new stuff. I almost didn't make it out the door today because the only thing I could find to wear was Ernest's Mr. Bubble night pants and a t-shirt. (Don't ask.)

Sore today

For the last week or so, a muscle on my right hip has been hurting a lot, probably from carrying Rey around. Running yesterday certainly didn't help. It's worst when I first get up after sitting for a while, but after I get going it's not so bad. I've got a heating pad on it today and that seems to be helping.

I think I'm going to follow the plan at I seems a little complicated, but I like how each session is broken down into small increments. Maybe it will keep my attention longer.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I hate the gym

It's true. I freaking hate the gym. I hate everything about it - sweaty people, stupid machines, my complete inability to multitask while there, etc. When I run, I feel uncoordinated and gloppy. Come to think of it, I pretty much feel like that anytime I'm moving, but it's particularly strong when running.

If you know me, I'm sure you can think of at least one klutzy Megan incident. Someday I'll share the story of how I broke my hand by running into a door frame. Those lemon bars were delicious.

That's what makes this whole thing kind of unlikely. I'm not one of those people who like working out. But I really want to do this. Even if it makes me go like this:

Day 1 - where to begin

It's been about six hours since I decided to do this and I've already gone to the gym! Not a bad start, if you ask me.

Back in the day when I tried this before, Cooking Light had published a 10 weeks to a 5k guide in their magazine. It breaks the training down into manageable pieces, but this time, I don't have 10 weeks.

I think I'm going to go with this guide from but this Cool Running one looks good too. (Thanks Terra!)

Zero to 5K in 7 weeks!

I've always wanted to run a 5k. I'm not sure where this idea came from, but over the years, I've said I'm going to do it several different times. Each time, something came up and I never did it.

Today, my cousin Shannon sent me this link and I decided now is the time to stop making excuses and actually do it.

My cousin's children are affected by the same disease as Olivia was. Her friends started a fundraiser to help them build a house to accommodate their family. I help them by building and maintaining the site, but I always wish I lived closer to so I could help them out more. I feel like doing this race is a way to support the cause.

Want to join me? I hate running as much (actually much, much more) than the next gal, but it's for a good cause. And, you'll be able to cross it off your bucket list. :)