Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pain in the butt

Well, not the butt really. Yesterday I started week 5's workouts and was feeling really good - no hip pain or anything. I ran about 3/4 mile (at 5.0 - woop!) when suddenly I felt this sharp pain in my hip, about where it had hurt before. I stopped running immediately and tried to walk it off, but it persisted. I was bummed that I didn't get to finish the workout.

Today it is pretty sore, especially if I twist on that leg. I made an appt with our family doc (even tho she's not in my insurance network - sigh!) for tomorrow. Sigh.

I wonder if I just need to get more supportive shoes or something. Let's hope it's that simple!

BTW, over the past weekend, I ran 1.5 miles (walked a little in there) on a trail around Lacamas Lake. Yay!!

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